Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mr Smith Trial Resources


1.     A large hall or room to conduct the trial

2.     Props for the missionary / colonialist e.g. a bible, a crucifix, a rosary, a cross,  a portmanteau

3.     props for the colonialist – bowler hat, umbrella, a couple of books, map of the world, British flag etc

4.     Accounts and books of early travels round the world

5.     world history books

6.     world history encyclopaedia

7.     World map

8.     world globe

9.     Interactive whiteboard or a projector to show the photographic evidence

10.                         Pens and paper for the students to take notes.

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Persuasive argument phrases that could be used 

Your honour … 

I believe that ...  

Although some people would argue that ….., in my opinion this is …. 

My first reason is that the evidence that was presented on that charge clearly show that ….. 

After considering the evidence that … I would argue that ….  

Furthermore … 

Another reason is …

I also believe that   

    …. any other verdict would be a miscarriage of justice  

In conclusion therefore I urge the jury to find the defendant guilty / not guilty on the indictments.

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